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Electrical Panel 101: The basics that you must know

Electrical Panel 101: The basics that you must know

September 9, 2019 webberadmin

The most important and widely used thing in your home is the Electrical Panel. Without much thinking, we use Electrical Panel in our homes. As long as the Electric Panel is working and provides electricity, we won’t give it any thought. However, when something goes wrong, you may not know what to do. So, it is important to know the basics of an electrical panel.

Hence, we have a come up with some basic understanding of the electric panel through this helpful blog. In many cases, understanding the basics of the electrical panel will help you to explain the problem to the professionals when there is any fault.

Types of Electrical Panel

In many of the new homes, this electrical panel is called as the service panel or the load center. This is the main panel where all other wiring is distributed to other areas of the home. This setup is very similar to the fuse box and also circuit breakers there.

How does the Electrical Panel looks like?

For knowing the basic, it is important to know how does your electrical look like. All the electrical panels mostly look the same, no matter what type you use. You will typically find these at the basement or utility room. Here, you will see a box with a door and a thick cable going in it.

Open the Panel door

As you open the Panel door, you will see several circuit breakers or fuses. Each of these circuit breakers goes to the specific area of your house. It is good to label each circuit breaker so that it can be easier to identify the source of the problem.

Types of Electrical Panel parts

There are many common electrical panel parts that you must be familiar with. Hence, you can have a look below:

• Circuit Breaker- a switch that is used in modern electrical panels.
• Single Pole Breaker- a circuit breaker for smaller electricity needs that handles 120 amps.
• Double Pole Breaker- a circuit breaker for larger electricity needs that handles 240 amps.
• Fuse- similar to circuit breakers but used in older electrical panels.
• Expansion Slots- an area where new circuit breakers are used for additional area of your home in future.
• Service Disconnect Switch- a switch that can disconnect the main power from the entire house.
So, these were the basics of the Electrical Panel that you must know. For any further help and details you can navigate to the Contact Us section.

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Electrical Panel 101: The basics that you must know
The most important and widely used thing in your home is the Electrical Panel. W...
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