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EV Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Station Installation

Time has come to empower your company with electric car charging points for business. Electric vehicles or EVs have become just too much popular now for businesses to not provide their employees or visitors with an EV charging station. Provide your employees with the valued facility through our commercial EV charging station – or if you like you can even charge a competitive price for charging the EVs to generate an additional source of revenue.

Benefits of Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric cars or, as they’re sometimes referred to, EV charging stations give your business the ability to power its own fleet of vehicles, in addition to providing such a valued facility to the growing private ownership of EVs for staff, visitors and your customers. As part of the greener solution, an EV charging station can be integrated with solar carports, which will, in turn, charge the EVs with the green electricity generated from solar power. When you combine this with other energy-efficient measures, the cost of charging electric cars can be reduced drastically.

EV Charging Station Installation

Hybrid Electric Solution is your one-stop-shop for all your energy needs. We provide an electric vehicle charging station installation services for both commercial and private clients, employing only the most trusted and reliable technology from top manufacturing giants. All of our solutions are bespoke and customisable according to the need of the owner and also to meet the current and future demands for charging of electric vehicles within your business.

Why Install Commercial EV Charging Stations

Air pollution is currently at an alarming level all over the globe and this is largely due to the huge volume of fossil fuels being used by millions of vehicles and other industries; this level of air pollution is responsible for many physical illnesses and shortening the lifespan of over 40,000 people every year. Thankfully, as the ownership of electric vehicles – both private and commercial is increasing almost every year, there can be some hope of reviving our atmosphere. However, many businesses and corporate houses are failing to provide the valued electric car charging stations for these owners. In fact, today, there are over 100,000 registered electric vehicles on the road in the US.

If you are thinking that your business doesn’t own any electric vehicles, nor does it have any staff or visitors that looking for such facilities, it is inevitable that this scenario is bound to change, given the exponentially growing rate of electric car ownership and external pressures for greener business and transport. As an example, there are tons of such forward-thinking businesses who are now operating a fleet of electric vans for their deliveries and pickups in order to reduce their impact on the environment, therefore creating the need for commercial EV charging stations onsite.

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