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Solar Panel Installation Services

Solar Panel Installation Services

Switching over to solar energy have changed the lives of thousands of families in the USA, reducing the reliance on the use of fossil fuels for their energy needs, helped several families and businesses go green, and boosted local communities. The worldwide use of solar energy is booming as the costs of solar panel have come a long way down.  It is already the cheapest source of power in about 30 countries and is rising, it is safe to say that it is the energy source of the future.

Why solar panels?

When you switch over to using natural alternatives such as the likes solar energy, it will contribute towards cutting down emissions of the main greenhouse gas CO2 that is the main product from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. When you set up a photovoltaic cell, it will convert the sun’s energy directly into usable electricity. Keep in mind that PV cells do not require direct sunlight to function so normal daylight is enough to produce electricity. You have got yourself a renewable, clean and free source of power. Solar energy will definitely help you to meet a significant proportion of your annual electricity needs which in turn reduces your electricity bill. The overall process is silent and unobtrusive.

Battery storage solutions

It is very necessary that you integrate your solar panel system with an onsite solar battery storage solution as this is one of the great ways to leverage the additional financial and energy security benefits for your business. When you store or use all of the self-generated electricity instead of drawing the energy from the grid, you can achieve even greater savings, in addition to further reducing your reliance on the National Gird. It is best practice to have the energy stored onsite as this will also protect your home or business from the occasional power cuts and will allow you to remain operational.


Hybrid Electric Solutions have installed numerous photovoltaic systems for almost every type of customer and on every roof type.

  • We offer solar power solutions for your home, with over thousands of happy customers in Burbank.
  • We are the proud pioneers of solar installations for community energy schemes.
  • We also help in promoting solar schools, and building them too!
  • We also install solar panels for corporate houses and other businesses, all the while offering a great return on investment. We are the juggernaut in live retro-fitting, so you can rest assured that there will be no interruptions to your operations.

Solar Energy systems can be installed on almost every roof type, including tiles, slate, metal, flat roofs or ground-mounted.  We can work it all – from your smallest garden shed, to the largest factory rooftop.

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