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Things to Know Before Choosing Solar Energy

Things to Know Before Choosing Solar Energy

October 21, 2019 webberadmin

It can be a difficult choice to switch over to solar power. You will need to be more conscious of your energy use. Not only will a switch to solar power make you feel great for not having to pay to any power company every month, but you will also be doing something positive for the planet.

Here are a few things you should be keeping in mind before installing solar panels:

Is your house suitable for solar?

This is the most important thing that you must know before installing solar panels. So how are you supposed to know if your house is suitable for solar on not? Here is a list of a few indicators that will help you find the feasibility of using solar for your residence. Alternatively, you can look for an affordable commercial service in Burbank that can help you with your solar needs:

  • Minimal shading – This is an obvious criterion if you are looking to go solar. The more direct sunlight the panels receive, the better. So, if your house finds itself under constant shadow during the daylight hours, you might need to change your house if you wish to go solar! (pun intended)
  • Your electricity bill – You should be knowing how much will you be saving if you choose to install solar? It is not necessary that solar power will work out to be great for everyone all the time. In general, if you find yourself paying a lot for your power bills, it is wise to switch to solar energy.

How Much Will Solar Save You?

This is one of the tough questions. Your savings by switching to solar panels depends on many factors. Companies offering Solar panel repair in Burbank should be able to guide you. Below is a very basic formula that can give you an estimate on how much solar energy will save you:

Electricity rate ($/kWh) x Solar system size(kW) x 1,168


electricity rate ($/kWh) = The rate you pay for power + Taxes

Solar system size (in kilo-Watts or kW) = The size of the solar system

Which Panels / Inverter Should You Buy?

There are a ton of brands offering different solar panels and inverters. We have compiled a few of the useful rules to follow when you shop for a solar panel or inverter:

Solar panels:

Always go for a reputed brand that is in the business for a long time.

You shouldn’t be worrying about the origin of the panel, most are made in China.

Don’t pay too much and try to get a few quotes before you make a choice.


If you have your own residential property, it makes sense to spend a bit more in order to get the top tier product

If you are living in a rental property or planning not to stay long, go for a cheap one with good warranties.

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